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WR Paxton Segina Flips to the Cardinal

#CardClass16 flips an under-the-radar prospect

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford is finally rebuilding their 2016 class after the debacles of the last two weeks. Texas wide receiver Paxton Segina announced on Twitter his intentions of committing to Stanford. Stanford has been recruiting the state of Texas well; Segina is the 5th commit from the state of Texas in this class. Segina was actually committed to Rice and had been since March of last year, but Stanford had been keeping in touch and finally flipped him.

People may not have heard of Segina because he is not a highly touted recruit, but he has been on Stanford's radar for a while now. According to Rivals' Andy Drukarev, Segina stood out at Stanford's camp over the summer. Segina is only a 2-star recruit by both Rivals and 247sports, but underestimating him would be a mistake.

Segina is listed at 6-4 which provides him a mismatch ability on any defensive back in the Pac-12. Just his size alone will make him a hard player to cover. He can tower over defenders and have an upper hand on the jump balls. His ability to adjust underneath the ball is a an advantageous trait of his. He looks back for the ball often and if he sees it is underthrown, he will make a great adjustment to get under it. Segina also catches the ball away from his body on most of his catches. This is an extraordinary habit to get into, especially because he is still in high school. Catching the ball away from your body gives the defender less time for a pass break up or for an interception. Also, if the ball hits the pads first it, it could ricochet off the pads leading to a dropped pass or worse.

Something Segina needs to work on is his route running. It seems his high school team used him as a deep threat and sent him on streaks the whole game. This leads to a lack of experience and exposure to medium or short routes. Tightening up routes or gaining more experience will be crucial for Segina. Also, he needs to get in front when he is blocking on screen plays. This is just so he doesn't get penalized for holding calls and to clear a route for the receiver. The last aspect of Segina's game he needs a little work in is his yards after catch. As of right now, Segina won't bust up any defenders fighting for extra yards, so putting on some weight would help his chances of doing so.

Check out Paxton Segina's highlights courtesy of Hudl: