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Stanford Recruiting: Kicker Jet Toner

Check out the highlights from incoming Kicker Jet Toner.

K Jet Toner Commit Date: 09/04/15

High School/Hometown: Punahou High School (Honolulu, HI)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 8, 22, N/A
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 3, 3, 2
Height and Weight: 6-3 180
Strengths: versatile- can be either punter or kicker, knuckle balls punts, fast leg whip in kicking FG
Areas of Improvement: thin, keep punting up tempo, fluidity in KO

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"he shows his ability to kick from 55 yards and more. Now this is something nice to hear because Stanford has struggled with their kickers in the past. Not only is Toner a kicker, but he is a top 5 punter according to Chris Sailer. Sailer says, "[Toner], One of the very best punting talent in America". Being a punter and a kicker is a rare combination and Toner is elite at both, which makes him a top prospect.

This season will be Conrad Ukropina's last season wearing Cardinal and White and behind him there is a freshman. I can see Toner come in to camp and take the job away from Jake Bailey. Toner has a huge leg and is poised to compete for the kicking and punting job. Knowing coach Shaw, the nod for kicker will go to Jake Bailey, but then Toner will be the new punter. Toner is a very talented kicker and I'd be surprised if he isn't starting next year."