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Stanford Cardinal Football: Christian McCaffrey wins Paul Hornung Award, poses with American Pharaoh

Christian McCaffrey went to Kentucky for the Hornung Award and met with American Pharoah.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Being the runner up for the Heisman Trophy voting has its perks. After leading Stanford to a Rose Bowl victory, Christian McCaffrey has be seen at NFL Playoff games and now visiting Triple Crown Winner, American Pharaoh. The two both run fast but Christian is the one being awarded this particular week.

On Thursday, Christian will be awarded the Paul Hornung Award, which is presented to "the most versatile player in college football." Certainly, Christian is deserving of this award. Christian showed versatility throughout the year by running for 2,019 yards, grabbing 645 yards in the air, returning the ball for 1,200 yards, and even throwing two touchdowns. All the stats combined to break the single season all-purpose yard record set by Barry Sanders twenty six years ago. In total, Christian McCaffrey had 3,864 yards. Christian McCafferey was certainly the most versatile player in college football in 2015.

The Hornung Awards is named after the versatile football star Paul Hornung, who played high school football in Louisville before playing at Notre Dame and for the Green Bay Packers. Because Hornung is from Louisville, the award is presented by the Louisville Sports Commission. Hornung played in the 1950s and 60s, long before Christian was born, and is now eighty years old. According to the Lexington Herald Leader, Christian said of Hornung:

"I think he's kind of what epitomizes an all-around, standout football player because he did so much. That's something I really take pride in, too, trying to be as versatile as possible and trying to hurt (opposing) teams in as many ways as possible."

As Christian continues to rack up hardware for this past season, hopefully he will have another spectacular season and bring home the Heisman Trophy this time around. After losing to Derrick Henry in a tight finish Christian said:

"I've moved on completely. I'm trying to focus on this season (2016) and what I can do to help my team win."

As Christian McCaffrey comes home from Kentucky this week, hopefully some of American Pharaoh's speed will rub off on Christian and help Christian have an even better season next year.