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Stanford Struggles At The Combine

Stanford's NFL Hopefuls Look To Improve After Sluggish Saturday Outing

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It was a rough Saturday for Stanford at the NFL combine. There just didn't seem to be a lot of excitement surrounding any of the prospects representing the Cardinal coming into the day and their performances didn't help them as much as they had hoped.

Devon Cajuste may have solidified my earlier prediction that he would go un-drafted. Scouts already knew he didn't have what many would consider breakaway speed, and his 4.62 40 yard dash time validated that. My thought was that he would lean on his size advantage, but he only recorded 12 reps on the bench press, bringing his strength into question.

Kevin Hogan had a tough time throwing the deep ball. Too often he under threw his receivers on seam routs, and struggled to place the ball accurately over the shoulder on wheel routes down the sidelines. He does have the physical attributes most teams enjoy, so that's something he can lean on come draft day.

Fortunately, the college game tapes play a bigger role in determining a players value than the combine, however this weekend is not to be taken lightly. Underperform, and your draft stock will surely drop. Once all of the numbers have been recorded, it will be interesting to see where this group of Cardinal alum rank amongst their peers.