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2016 National Signing Day: Pac-12 Conference Breakdown with Mark Rogers TV

We spoke with some of the best bloggers from around the Pac-12 to breakdown how well teams in the conference finished on the recruiting trail on National Signing Day 2016

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From "Andrew Pryts Flips from Penn State" on Rule of Tree:

"Pryts has the ability to play both of the safety positions. He is quick enough and has the closing speed to be the centerfielder in Stanford's defense and he also has the strength and instincts to be the box safety. Pryts is a smart and knowledgeable player with great awareness on the field. He puts himself in the position to make big plays, through positioning himself in the passing lanes or creeping up in obvious running situation. In the running game he is very instinctive and can turns on the jets in a split second. He is incredibly tough and as seen with his great tackling. He is a monster in the run game, but the passing game is also not too shabby.

When in coverage, Pryts has the length and the speed to cover tight ends one-on-one. He has the measurable and the intangibles, but not the experience. Some people have said that Pyrts played in a zone heavy defensive scheme, so he will need to gain more experience covering one-on-one. He also has great closing speed. When Pryts runs pass and sees where the ball is going he reacts immediately to knock the ball loose. Pryts is a great safety prospect who earned his four-star ranking through his instincts and awareness."

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