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Total Guide to Stanford's 2016 Recruiting Class

Did you know that our recruiting class includes a QB who broke Carson Palmer's record? How about that we have a black belt in kung fu? Or the cousin of heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr.? For all this and more, check out our recruiting guide!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In this edition of Cardinal CounTree, Matt Vassar gives you a complete and total guide to the Stanford 2016 recruiting class. He starts with tying a couple of loose ends with Demetris Robertson and Bailey McElwain. After that, he goes through all 25 recruits, commenting on both their football accolades as well as personal facts about each player. Finally, he wraps up the show by giving an update on the absurd Iowa bill against the Stanford Band that got killed in the Senate before it could even be debated.

Get in the CounTree. Click below to listen to Cardinal CounTree.