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Christian McCaffrey Creating a Runningback Renaissance

We are right now living a runningback revolution, and it's thanks to Christian McCaffrey

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Christian McCaffrey is bringing sexy back! Matt Vassar talks about Christian McCaffrey hitting the runway as a male model wearing the latest fashions from Bloomingdale's. But that's not the only way that McCaffrey has brought sexy back, as the runningback position has suddenly become sexy again too. Matt comments on the recent resurgence of the runningback position, as the media seems to be paying more attention to Christian McCaffrey, Leonard Fournette, or Dalvin Cook above many others. Matt also pays tribute to Stanford's legendary Hall of Fame baseball coach Mark Marquess who will be retiring after 40 years of coaching at Stanford. Finally, Matt wraps up the show reading the most beautiful graduation poem ever written, paying tribute to all Stanford students who earned their degrees last weekend.

Click below to listen to Cardinal CounTree.