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Christian McCaffrey Nails "Piano Man" on the Harmonica

Is there anything Christian McCaffrey can't do?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Literally the same day that I released an episode of Cardinal CounTree covering the many ways that Christian McCaffrey is bringing sexy back, he goes and releases a video of him covering Billy Joel's "Piano Man" on the harmonica:

Little ear candy for a Thursday afternoon with @dukesdirtymike. #Enjoy #BluesBoyz

A video posted by Christian McCaffrey (@run5cmc) on

So, for those keeping score at home, Christian McCaffrey is now a:

  • Runningback
  • Receiver
  • Kick Returner
  • Punt Returner
  • Quarterback
  • Fashion Model
  • Musician

If you'd like to hear more on how Christian McCaffrey brought the RB position back to a position of prominence, click below to listen to the most recent episode of Cardinal CounTree: