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Stanford football 2016: Discussing Christian McCaffrey with Mark Rogers TV

Coach David Shaw says McCaffrey is even better this season but is that really possible?

The 102nd Rose Bowl Game - Iowa v Stanford Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

We sat down with Mark Rogers TV to discuss whether Christian McCaffrey really could be better in 2016 than he was in 2015 as Stanford coach David Shaw has claimed. For more great college football videos subscribe to Mark Rogers TV on YouTube.

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From: “Christian McCaffrey is going to score a lot more touchdowns this year

“The nation's most prolific offensive player scored as a runner, receiver and kick returner last year - but oddly, he wasn't even the most prolific scoring back on his own team last season.

McCaffrey scored only 8 rushing touchdowns, while goal-line counterpart Remound Wright scored 13 touchdowns, thriving in his role as the short-yardage and goal line back. (For comparison's sake, Leonard Fournette scored 22 touchdowns last season and Dalvin Cook scored 19.)

But with Wright's graduation in the spring, that short-yardage job is now open - and McCaffrey may be the one to fill that spot.”