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Stanford football 2016: Ranking Stanford’s Schedule with Mark Rogers TV

Mark Rogers is ranking the toughest schedules in the nation and here is his take on Stanford’s.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Rogers TV discusses just how difficult Stanford’s schedule really is. For more great college football videos subscribe to Mark Rogers TV on YouTube.

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From: “What should we expect from the Cardinal?

“now it’s time to really dig into the schedule. It’s not easy to say the least and saying it’s hard is an understatement. However, the schedule doesn’t scare me and it definitely won’t scare Stanford. The only person(s) it might scare are the east coast voters who will have to show Stanford some major love if they run this gauntlet.

First off, Stanford is 37-4 at home since 2010. While USC is a rivalry game and Washington State is a good team, I really don’t see a team good enough to beat Stanford at home this season and barring injury or terrible weather conditions, Stanford is going to win all 6 home games.

Now the road schedule is why media pundits have Stanford drifting off this season but it might not be as bad as it looks. As the great Lee Corso would say though, “not so fast my friend!” Stanford plays its first road game on September 24th at UCLA. UCLA right now hates Stanford and in some circles, might want to beat Stanford more than USC. UCLA hasn’t beat Stanford since the Bush Era and no, that is not a joke. While UCLA has a great quarterback in Josh Rosen, they will play this game very tight and Stanford will play loose and win this game.”