Stanford TREES need some serious watering.

Like the name of this site, RULE OF TREE. We also need much MORE coverage of very good amnd quite interesting sports groups at Stanford. The Cardinal Football Team is WAY going beyond expectations for this year but there isn't a single posting site about them. They were tied at 13 -13 with Washington State a moment ago but there's no place to comment and send our fan rooting. WE beat Oregon which was the #3 team in the nation along with USC qand stayed with UCLA for most of the game!

The Stanford Ultimate Frisbee Team just went to Sectionals in north Sacrameto, won the 1st game, lost a close 2nd game and won the 3rd one to advance on Saturday, October 16th.

There are other Stanford sport teams that folks would take an interest in where the student body 'n staff could at least cheer on and congratulate the players.Stanford Cardinal.

GO TREES !Stanford Cardinal

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