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Zach Ertz NFL Draft Video: Can he break into the first round?

NFL teams like what they've seen from the big tight end, but is he a first-round pick?

Today's video comes from, an indispensable resource for doing your research about prospects before the NFL draft.

Ertz and Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert are seen as the best two tight ends in this year's draft, and Ertz is consistently mock drafted as a borderline first-round pick.

Personally, I think Ertz might be a good fit for the Buccaneers in the early second round, but teams like the Atlanta Falcons (who will need a long-term replacement for Tony Gonzalez) and the San Francisco 49ers are also popular potential landing spots for Ertz.

If you want to watch more of Ertz being great, check out his games against Cal, USC, Notre Dame and Washington.

Where do you think Ertz will land? Will be be a first-round pick?