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And Then There Were 10: Michigan, Illinois, and Georgia Tech Suffer First Losses


There were 12 other undefeated FBS teams coming into this weekend's games. Here's a quick update of how each of them has fared (losses in bold):

(1) LSU: Defeated Tennessee, 38-7.

(2) Alabama: Defeated Ole Miss, 52-7. 

(3) Oklahoma: Defeated Kansas, 47-17.

(4) Wisconsin: Defeated Indiana, 59-7.

(5) Boise State: Defeated Colorado State, 63-13.

(6) Oklahoma State: Defeated Texas, 38-26.

(8) Clemson: Defeated Maryland, 56-45.

(11) Michigan: Lost to Michigan State, 28-14. 

(12) Georgia Tech: Lost to Virginia, 24-21. 

(16) Illinois: Lost to Ohio State, 17-7.

(17) Kansas State: Defeated Texas Tech, 41-34.

(25) Houston: Idle

The three teams that lost were already behind Stanford in both polls, but it's still good to see.