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Former Stanford Baseball Stars Finish What They Start

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Jed Lowrie will graduate with a degree in political science in June.
Jed Lowrie will graduate with a degree in political science in June.

In the not too distant future, Stanford graduates could account for one-third of the college degrees in all of major league baseball. Boston Red Sox infielder Jed Lowrie is expected to receive his degree in political science this June, while former Cardinal teammates Jason Castro, a catcher for the Houston Astros, and Drew Storen, a reliever for the Washington Nationals, are both working toward their degrees.

"I had invested too much time," Lowrie told FanHouse's Ed Price. "I knew it was going to happen. It was just a matter of finding the right time."

As Price mentions in his interesting profile of Lowrie, a 2009 study by the Wall Street Journal found only 26 major leaguers, including managers, had earned their college degrees. According to, 12 former Stanford players played in the major leagues in 2010. Of those 12, at least six had earned their undergraduate degrees.

Hit the jump to check out the full list. I was unable to determine with any reasonable certainty the degree status for three players, as denoted by the "(?)" next to their undergraduate majors.

Jason Castro HOU Sociology *
Chris Carter NYM Human Biology
Sam Fuld CHC Economics
Ryan Garko TEX American Studies
Jody Gerut MIL History
Jeremy Guthrie BAL Sociology (?) **
John Hester ARI Economics (?) ***
Jed Lowrie BOS Political Science ****
Donny Lucy CWS Political Science (?) *****
John Mayberry, Jr.
PHI Political Science
Carlos Quentin CWS Political Science
Drew Storen WAS Product Design ******


* Working toward degree.
** One class short of finishing Sociology degree as of 2007.
*** Couldn't find confirmation that Hester graduated.
**** Expected to graduate in June.
***** Article linked in table indicates that Lucy graduated, but I couldn't find other mentions to confirm.
****** Working toward degree.