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Pac-10 Unveils Pac-12 Logo With Buzz-Generating Video

The Pac-10-to-be-12 took to YouTube today to introduce its new logo for when Colorado and Utah officially come aboard in July. (The only thing new about the logo that the conference has been using all season is that the 10 beneath "PAC" has become 12.)  The conference issued a press release about the video, while College Football Talk lambasted the creative effort:

What the hell was that?  At first blush, it appeared someone took a 55-gallon drum containing a mixture of smiley emoticons, lolz and suck and exploded it while cameras were rolling.  Upon further review, it became clear that at least a handful of said drums were utilized in reaching that level of giddy montage horridness.

Harsh. I don't mind the video so much, but I do take issue with the fact that the dude representing Stanford is sporting a gray basketball jersey. Come on. A black football jersey would've been better.

Check the video out below and judge for yourself.