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Card Clicks: Imagining the Football Selection Committee

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It's been a long, link-less week. Dog days of summer and all that. Here's some of what I missed...

No, Ted Miller doesn't want to be on the college football playoff selection committee, but he has some ideas about how it should be formed and operate. | ESPN

Hank projects the Cardinal's 2014 depth chart and predicts a Final Four berth. (We're not talking basketball, obviously.) | Go Mighty Card

If you haven't read Bob Kravitz's interview with Andrew Luck, please do. | Indy Star

Says here that Stanford won something called the Directors' Cup. How long before it's endowed by a Stanford donor or former Cardinal great? | Mercury News

Stanford swimmer Bobby Bollier just missed qualifying for the Olympics, finishing third in the 200-meter fly at the USA Olympic Swim Trials. | Mercury News

Here's a look back at the Pac-12 recruiting classes of 2008 and 2009. Good times for Stanford. | Pacific Takes