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Kyle Peterson Chats Stanford Baseball, FSU Crowd, MLB Draft and More

The goal: Omaha.
The goal: Omaha.

Former Stanford pitcher and current ESPN college baseball analyst Kyle Peterson, who will call this weekend's UCLA-TCU Super Regional, was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat about the Cardinal, the Tallahassee Super Regional and more. Peterson hasn't seen Stanford in person this season, but he keeps tabs on his alma mater and saw a lot of this year's team at the 2011 Chapel Hill Super Regional.

On the MLB Draft:

"I don’t think anything would’ve surprised me about this year’s draft. With the new CBA in place, you didn’t know how it was going to work. There’s an ego that goes with being picked No. 1, but there’s also an economic reality. Houston clearly had a deal already in place with (Carlos) Correa. It’s pretty apparent now that teams are going to try to manipulate the system as best they can. ... When you get down to it, and depending on who you talked to, you’re splitting hairs between Appel, (Kevin) Gausman and (Kyle) Zimmer. All three have a chance to be good depending on injuries and how well they adjust to the pro game."

On the crowd at Florida State's Dick Howser Stadium:

"They’re loud, but they’re not mean. I’m sure it will be 95 and humid. ... I always loved going to spots like that. You almost have to trick yourself into thinking they’re cheering for you. [UNC's crowd] is a little more like Stanford. They come out and support the team, and God bless them for that, and they might cheer a bit, but Florida State gets loud and they have some weird traditions. They’ll start singing ‘Oh Canada’ in the fifth inning."

On Stanford-FSU:

"Any place that’s a good place to hit is going to benefit Stanford. Florida State has good pitching -- they've got two guys with sub-3 ERAs -- but they don't have a lot of guys that will make you swing and miss. ... I saw them at the beginning of the year. (Brandon) Leibrandt is your classic lefty pitcher. He locates well and he's going to move it around a lot, but he’s going to top out at 88-89. You can tell that his dad pitched in the big leagues. ... In the second game, it’s going to be tough to get the ball in the air if [Mike Compton] has his sinker going." (Leibrandt has 74 Ks in 88 1/3 IP; Compton has 57 Ks in 81 IP.)

On a potential upset in the Super Regionals:

"I think at least one of Kent State (at Oregon), St. John’s (at Arizona) and Stony Brook (at LSU) will get out. In order of probability, I think Stony Brook is the most likely to do it, then Kent State and St. John’s. (Peterson also likes Stanford to advance.)