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ESPN Asks: Can Stanford Win It All?

ESPN Insider has been counting down the 20* teams that could win the BCS title this season. Stanford checks in at No. 10, one spot below Ohio State. (The Buckeyes could go undefeated, but they're ineligible for postseason play, hence the asterisk.) Kevin Gemmell excerpts the main points in the Stanford post here.

I think the most interesting portion of the article, though, is the final projection:

Projections are a function of the win likelihood of a team in each regular-season game, based on Football Outsiders' F/+ projected team ratings and home-field advantage. ...

Most likely result: 10-2 (33 percent likelihood)

Projection window: 8-4 to 11-1 (93 percent likelihood)

Swing games: versus USC, at Washington, at Notre Dame, at California, at Oregon

Hardly earth-shattering, but it's a little surprising that 10-2 is the most likely result, no? I predicted 9-3 back in January. I'm predicting 9-3 today. I'd love to be wrong.