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Stepfan Taylor NFL Draft Video: Where will the Cardinal's all-time leading rusher go?

Stanford's rock of the offense is gone - who will he take handoffs from in the NFL?

Stepfan Taylor has been the engine that drives the Stanford offense for the past several years, carrying for thousands of yards, blocking for his quarterbacks and catching passes, but now he's looking like a mid-round draft pick. Some things just don't make sense in this world.

Today's video highlight from is probably Taylor's best performance at Stanford - leading the charge during the Cardinal's upset of USC last September. (Although I'm willing to listen to other submissions for his best games.)

I've already theorized that Taylor could become the next Frank Gore if the circumstances are right, but one way or another, I think some NFL team is going to be very happy with Stepfan Taylor both tomorrow and many years down the road.

Teams that might want to target Taylor are teams with lousy running games that want to replace a couple of ineffective backs with one do-it-all player. That includes the Packers, Steelers and Cardinals, three teams with weak run games and backfields crowded with sub-par players. Another team to consider might be the Raiders, who need someone to carry the load when Darren McFadden gets hurt this season.

If you want to check out more videos of Stepfan in action - or just relive some awesome performances - his 2012 games against Oregon and Cal are available, as are his 2011 games against Washington and Arizona.