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Stanford Football Recruiting: 3-star defensive end Thomas Schaffer talks Stanford

Rule of Tree's Sean Levy had the chance to interview Stanford commit 3-star defensive end Thomas Schaffer

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I had the opportunity to interview Stanford's newest commit. Thomas Schaffer is a 3-star defensive end from Illinois and he was deciding where to continue his football career between Wisconsin, Oregon, and Stanford. For more information on Schaffer's commitment check out this article.

SL: Why did you choose Stanford? Wisconsin is also a good school academically and they have a decent football program.

TS: Everything about the school felt right and that was hard to beat thinking about the academic and athletic potion.

SL: As a strong side defensive end, who do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

TS: Strengths: I get off [the line] quickly, I am powerful and relentless in both the run or pass game

Weaknesses: the size of my pad level

*For those of you who may not know what "pad level" means. Pad level refers to the player's ability to get low to the ground. As a defensive end, keeping the pad level low is key to give him more leverage.

SL: Do you see yourself as a versatile player? Do you think that your size (6'7" 280) could allow you to play defensive tackle?

TS: Yes. I think that's what Coach Hart [Stanford's defensive line coach] tries to do with me. Occasionally get me one on one with interior linemen.

SL: Who are some NFL guys you look up to? Do you try and model your game after theirs?

TS: Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews are currently my Twitter cover photo. JJ Watt is another guy that I like because he is a bigger guy who works hard.

SL: Stanford's defensive line is losing two starters and three other seniors. Do you think you can break into the rotation or have you and Coach Hart talked about redshirting?

TS: He would like me to redshirt. It will be kind of what Soloman [Thomas] did when he entered the program, so they will have me available as a redshirt freshman the following year.

SL: What are you most looking forward to the next four years of your football career? What are your goals?

TS: The Stanford experience is something I am looking forward to, as a player and a student. My goal, become an All Pac-12 player.

Thanks again to Thomas for taking time out of his day to talk to me. Everyone go follow Thomason Twitter @THschaffer.