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The Rule of Tree Guide to the Stanford Football offseason

The Rose Bowl sure was a great game but what to do now?

Harry How/Getty Images

Stanford's 2015 football season came to a close on New Year's Day and while the season ended with a blowout victory in the Rose Bowl, some may feel that they wished the 2015 season never ended. That is how many people felt in 2010, 2012, and even with two tough bowl losses, 2011 and 2013 as well. Stanford is going through its best football years since before World War II. In the last six seasons, Stanford has won 66 games with David Shaw owning 54 of those, produced a once in a generation NFL prospect in Andrew Luck, a quarterback that would eventually break many of Lucks' records and produce his own in Kevin Hogan, recruit a running back who I truly feel was made in a laboratory in Christian McCaffrey, an Orange Bowl Victory, 3 Rose Bowl appearances going 2-1, and a partridge in a pear tree.

You get where this is going. Stanford is longer just a school for the future doctors, lawyers, and social media CEO's of America anymore. Stanford is a football school. So the question I ask everyone out there now that the season is over; what do I do now? The answer right away is ENJOY THIS! Stanford was 1-11 just 10 years ago. That season felt like losing to Cal every game 100-0. So sit back and enjoy this journey.

Now, If you feel the urge to stay on top of Stanford athletics (and we hope you do) with a heavy regard towards the football program like I tend to do for 365 days err 366 this year, I can help you get through what can seem like an eternity in the so-called offseason of college football. The national championship will be played tonight when Alabama takes on Clemson. Watch that game. You can root for whoever you want and being this is a heavy pro-Stanford page, I'm sure Derrick Henry is not one of those people to root for.

Regardless of the outcome, Stanford will most likely end up ranked #3 in the final polls. Why is that important? Stanford is currently ranked in the mid-teens in most recruiting rankings and being ranked behind only the national champion and loser of that game could be a final recruiting tool to haul in a potential top-10 class. National Signing Day is February 3rd, so for the next month, keep your eyes peeled on potential recruits who could sign with the Cardinal.

Now that portion is something you as a fan cannot control. The part that you do have control over is using your high energy for Stanford University and attending basketball games. I know that the program is about as average and mediocre as it gets but it would help if we had Maples rocking again. Stanford used to have one of the best home-court advantages in the COUNTRY and now the program has turned into Stanford Stadium from 10 years ago. It's about as close to a neutral site as you can get. Johnny Dawkins may have come to Stanford at the perfect time as he can fly under the radar while the football program continues to shine.

Stanford upset 21st-ranked Utah the other night and then lost to Colorado in a dud of a game. I should not be able to attend the Arizona or UCLA game and sit courtside for under $100. That is unacceptable for a program that used to attend the NCAA Tournament as frequently as Johnny D leads us to NIT's. And I don't need to mention the women's team as they look to be on par for another Elite 8 heartbreaker. Maybe Tara should coach the men's; at least they'd attend the real tourney.

I hate to be negative so I'll bring back the good vibes with our baseball program. Mark Marquess has been coaching at Stanford for 40 years. He doesn't have too many seasons left in the tank and this team could finally make another appearance in the College World Series. Hopefully Stanford football schedules their 2016 Spring Game in one of the two weekends where the baseball team is home so you can enjoy both events.

Now, throughout this time, there are the NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors that are on pace to win another title. It's 2016, an even year, which means that the San Francisco Giants are going to win the World Series again. Go out and play catch with your kids. If you are a sports junkie and you love Stanford, be a part of the game again. Stanford football went to 3 consecutive Rose Bowls from 1933-1935. Back then, you didn't have a 70-inch television nor a video game that allowed Cal to play in a meaningful bowl game. If you loved sports, you went out and threw the ball around and most people didn't have a ball. They made something to act like a ball. So as the offseason sets in, enjoy this and remember it for the rest of your life but remember this season was not nor will it ever be the end game. Strive for more year in and year out. A football national championship is lurking ahead.