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Stanford Football Recruiting: DB Obi Eboh Commits to Stanford

#CardClass16 gains a pivotal defensive back commit

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There have been rumblings Obi Eboh would commit to Stanford even before he de-committed from the University of Texas. Stanford recently offered Eboh--before he backed off his UT pledge--and Ohio State offered him the same day. These were the two schools Eboh was choosing from, but looking at each class Stanford only has one corner committed in its class compared to Ohio State's three. After being hit hard with Chacho Ulloa and Nigel Edmonds trying to find other options, Eboh stopped the bleeding.

The Southlake, Texas product will be Stanford's 6th commit from the Lone Star State (Kaden Smith, Michael Williams, Paxton Segina, Richard McNitzky, Trevor Speights). Stanford has been recruiting very well in Texas with almost 1/3 of their class is from that state. Texas always has great talent and this year might be the start of creating a pipeline from there to Palo Alto. These Texas recruits could eventually push Stanford into the coveted top 10 ranking for the class of 2016 and for future classes.

In Eboh's senior highlight one skill that jumped out was his closing speed. He would be five yards away from a receiver, but when the ball arrives, Eboh would be there to bat it down. Another great asset Eboh has to offer is his length. Eboh is a bigger corner, standing at 6-2, giving him a bigger catch and deflection radius. Another great effect of his height is his tackling radius. Eboh has the raw skills that enables him to tackle in space, which is one of the hardest aspects of football. His length allows him to broaden his own tackling angles and limit the lanes ball carriers can run to avoid him. Eboh's length and closing speed is what makes him a high sought after defensive back.

Some quick words on some areas he needs to improve. Wrapping up is a huge part of the game for a defensive back so Eboh needs to work on being a more consistent tackler. That means perfecting his form and also adding more muscle mass. Along the same lines of being a more consistent tackler, but Eboh also needs to be more effective in the run game. He shows great toughness when he is getting pressed at the line, but he needs to be more instinctive in the run game.

Be sure to check out Obi Eboh's highlights courtesy of Youtube: