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2016 NFL Draft: Stanford guard Joshua Garnett is elite

Stanford Guard Joshua Garnett is a first round talent.

Joshua Garnett is going to be drafted in the first round. If he is not, there are 32 NFL GM's that should lose their jobs. There are too many teams with too many holes in their offensive lines to sleep on this 6'5, 315 lb. brick wall. The Raiders get it. Reports have surfaced that they have met with Garnett already. Seattle needs to bolster their line as well, and it just so happens that Garnett is a Washington native, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind playing in front of his friends and family each Sunday.

It has been some time since I have seen a guard worth being this excited over. It's not just his talent and size that separates him from the rest of guard candidates. He is an incredibly classy and intelligent young man with a ton of potential moving forward.

I don't believe he is just going to be a nice addition to an already decent o-line, I think he is a cornerstone guard. In other words, by drafting this kid, one lucky team will acquire the centerpiece to build a successful offensive line around. Travis Frederick was that guy for the Dallas Cowboys, who now boast the best line in the NFL, and I strongly believe Josh Garnett is next to play that role for another franchise.

First round talent. You can book it. Garnett will absolutely be taken in the first round.