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Meet the 2016 Stanford Recruiting Class: Defense and Special Teams Preview

Part 2 of the Meet the Class series. To look at the offensive preview click here.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

DT Bo Peek Commit Date: 02/24/15

High School/Hometown: Berkley Prep (Tampa, FL)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 51, 37, 47
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 3, 3, 3
Height and Weight: 6-3 290
Strengths: Ability to shed blockers, initial burst, keeps a low pad level in rush D
Areas of Improvement: ability to change direction, needs to develop more hand usage, isn't a great pass rusher
Highlights and Commentary:

OLB Curtis Robinson Commit Date: 04/13/15

High School/Hometown: Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 4, 14, 5
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 5, 4, 5
Height and Weight: 6-3 210
Strengths: speed speed and speed, great instincts (recognizes the run early), can cover slot receivers easily
Areas of Improvement: needs to develop pass rush tools other than speed, wrapping up more cleanly
Highlights and Commentary:

S Malik Antoine Commit Date: 04/23/15

High School/Hometown: University Lab (Baton Rouge, LA)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 54, 72, N/A
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 3, 3, 3
Height and Weight: 5-11 182
Strengths: reading the quarterback, positioning when the ball is in the air, press coverage
Areas of Improvement: quicker drop step, turning his hips faster, seeing the run faster
Highlights and Commentary:

DT Mike Williams Commit Date: 07/03/15

High School/Hometown: All Saints Episcopal (Fort Worth, TX)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 32, 28, 36
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 4, 4, 3
Height and Weight: 6-2 300
Strengths: upper body strength, keeps his pad level low, hand fighting, using rip move
Areas of Improvement: closing speed, bull rushing, wrap up instead of dragging down
Highlights and Commentary:

CB Treyjohn Butler Commit Date: 08/14/15

High School/Hometown: Etiwanda High School (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 21, 15, 16
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 4, 4, 4
Height and Weight: 5-11 185
Strengths: timing when the ball is in the air, closing speed when in zone, in-phase with receiver
Areas of Improvement: Explosiveness against faster and bigger receivers, fluidity in turning hips
Highlights and Commentary:

K Jet Toner Commit Date: 09/04/15

High School/Hometown: Punahou High School (Honolulu, HI)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 8, 22, N/A
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 3, 3, 2
Height and Weight: 6-3 180
Strengths: versatile- can be either punter or kicker, knuckle balls punts, fast leg whip in kicking FG
Areas of Improvement: thin, keep punting up tempo, fluidity in KO
Highlights and Commentary:

LS Richard McNitzky Commit Date: 10/25/15

High School/Hometown: MacArthur High School (San Antonio, TX)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 8, 7, N/A
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 2, 2, 2
Height and Weight: 6-1 220
Strengths: Clean rotation, Powerful snap, Gets up field fast
Areas of Improvement: Consistent placement
Highlights and Commentary:

DE/OT Thomas Schaffer Commit Date: 01/06/16

High School/Hometown: Lake Forest High School (Lake Forest, Illinois)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 25, N/A, N/A
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 3, 3, 3
Height and Weight: 6-7 280
Strengths: Versatility of being a DT, OT, or DE, Quick hands, Explosive lower body
Areas of Improvement: Improve lower body strength, Move quicker off the line, Pad level (since he is so tall)
Highlights and Commentary:

DT Jovan Swann Commit Date: 01/12/16

High School/Hometown: Center Grove High School (Greenwood, IN)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 46, 51, 44
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 3, 3, 3
Height and Weight: 6-3 265
Strengths: Quick first step, Ability to shed blockers, Relentless pursuit of the ball
Areas of Improvement: Develop more pass rushing tools, Gain leverage by lowering pad level, Put on more mass: Tweener in regards to size (DT or DE)
Highlights and Commentary:

CB Obi Eboh Commit Date: 01/28/16

High School/Hometown: Southlake Carroll High School (Southlake, Texas)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 35, 24 (S), 52
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 3, 4, 3
Height and Weight: 6-2 187
Strengths: Closing speed, interception and deflection range, ability to read in zones
Areas of Improvement: Consistent tackling, Hasn't transitioned into the cornerback role yet, Change of direction
Highlights and Commentary:

S Andrew Pryts Commit Date: 02/03/16

High School/Hometown: Hickory High School (Hermitage, PA)
Positional Rank (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 14, 54, 47
Stars (247sports, ESPN, Rivals): 4, 3, 3
Height and Weight: 6-1 200
Strengths: Punishing tackler, Situational awareness, Instincts/positioning
Areas of Improvement: Good not great speed, More experience playing man-to-man, More muscle mass
Highlights and Commentary: