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Stanford Wins 18th and 19th Medal

Kerri Walsh Jennings and Lucy Davis both got medals on day 12. Might we be watching the end of one legendary Olympian's career and the beginning of another's?

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Lucy Davis, the youngest member of the USA equestrian team at just 23-years-old, helped guide Team USA to a silver medal in team jumping. She was instrumental in the success of Team USA as she raced the first round of the finals with a clean slate of zero penalties.

Kerri Walsh Jennings also defeated Australia to win the bronze medal. She left ambiguous whether she would return for a sixth Olympic Games, but regardless of her decision, she will leave the sport as one of the most legendary American athletes ever.

With Davis and Walsh Jennings' medals, Stanford's total medal count is up to 19. And with gold medals in eight events, Stanford is currently tied for the seventh-best "country" in the world, only behind: the US (30), Great Britain (19), China (19), Russia (12), Germany (12), and Japan (10).