Stanford Women’s Basketball First Day of Practice

We now interrupt the incredible football season Stanford is having to give you a special report on Cardinal Women’s Basketball , you know, the very same team that was runner up in the National Championship game….

Hi, Stanford Women’s Basketball fanatics C and R here. We couldn’t be at the first Stanford Women’s Basketball practice, but our Number one Fan (N1F) was. Let’s have her give you the scoop…

I'm getting really excited about the upcoming SWB season. Didn’t you have a countdown clock on your blog last year?? (Editor’s note, yes we did, but I have been too busy to make one and write the code, so we might have to forgo one this year).

J and I went to Open Practice on Saturday. We got there about two hours in and I was wondering who that tall woman with the really short hair was before I realized the men practice players were there. (Editor’s note to butt in, yay, we are glad they are back to having men practice players again-UConn certainly uses them) Ooops. Anyway, we saw a scrimmage. The freshmen rotated in and out a lot, but they looked good, especially Sara James, who J is already calling "Deadeye." (Editor’s note, we hope she was shooting threes) Chiney (Ogumike) looked like she has good basketball instincts and more of an outside shot than Nneka does (Editor’s note, Forget Tara VanDerveer breathing down ytour neck, Nneka is the bossy sister and tells Chiney what to do all them time) . Toni (Kokenis) ran the floor fast and looked like she was working hard to learn everything--had a frown of concentration the whole time. (Hmm, tinkle bells for Joslyn, frowns for Toni, I don’t know, we have to think about that one! Hee hee).

Jingle was in a boot!! (Editor’s note of interruption that’s Joslyn Tinkle to those uninitiated. She has a high ankle sprain) Not sure what's up with her and what the prognosis is. She didn't practice but just rode the bike. As did Lindy (Editor’s note interrupting again, Lindy has a bone prob in her foot and could miss the season.). Kayla looked great and was taking more of an active and vocal leadership role (Editors heard Kayla was playing the point because Jeanette Pohlen is mysteriously hurt). And Gracie (Mashore), who was playing point for the red team, looked in much better shape and was hitting her outside shot (glad to hear it-Ed).

It was a ton of fun. I can't wait for the season to start. Hope you are both well and had great summers.

Cheers. – N1F

Well, we can’t wait until the first game on November 6th, only… let’s see, carry the one, 20 or so more days depending on when you read this!

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