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Card Clicks: Andrew Phillips Explains the Arrow, Dolphins Meet with Harbaugh

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You may have noticed Stanford senior offensive linemen Andrew Phillips carrying a decorated arrow on an off the field at the Orange Bowl on Monday. If you were wondering what that was, Phillips explains via a series of tweets:

The arrow was a gift from a high priest in Japan to John Roos, the US ambassador to Japan. It was given to him the day before he left for Miami "as a weapon to vanquish evil in the new year. He then gave it to us as a weapon to vanquish VT. It had the red and white tassels on it when it was given to him. Pretty amazing stuff. I think it worked.

Here's another video of Stanford fans at the Orange Bowl. | Stanford Alumni Association

After Jim Harbaugh met with the San Francisco 49ers for several hours yesterday, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reportedly flew to the Bay Area to deliver an "urgent pitch" to Stanford's head coach this morning. Reports indicate the Dolphins are prepared to offer Harbaugh more than $7 million per season, which would make him the highest paid coach in the NFL. Insane. | Mercury News

That development must be pretty awkward for Tony Sparano, who remains the Dolphins head coach. | Game On!

Back up to No. 4 in the polls, the Stanford women's basketball team hosts Arizona today. |

After a brutal nonconference schedule, Tara VanDerveer's squad appears to be hitting its stride. | The Stanford Daily

The Stanford men's basketball team visits Arizona State. |