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Stanford Jumps to 4th in Latest BCS Standings

Stanford jumped from 6th to 4th in the latest BCS standings following its 56-48 triple-overtime win against USC. The Cardinal moved ahead of Clemson, which lost to Georgia Tech, and Boise State, which was idle. Stanford jumped from 21st to 8th in the Sagarin rankings, which bumped its computer average to sixth. 

In other news, head coach David Shaw seemed a little annoyed during the postgame press conference when pressed on his decision to take the ball out of Andrew Luck's hands on 3rd and 9 and with Stanford trailing by three in the fourth quarter. (His answers to those questions start around the 11-minute mark in the video below.)  

After the jump, on-field interviews and video of the postgame celebration from the Cardinal Channel, which you should subscribe to if you don't already.