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Instagrammed Sacks of Matt Barkley

Photos of Matt Barkley being sacked would look just fine in any light, but you know what would take them to the next level? Artsy filters that make it look like the photos were taken in the 1970s.

Thank goodness a Stanford graduate developed an app for that.

Relive Stanford's four sacks of Barkley below.


Ben Gardner sacks Barkley in the third quarter and comes away with the ball, but Barkley was ruled down. #gostanford


Josh Mauro gets to Barkley on the Trojans' final drive of the third quarter. The Trojans went three and out. #gostanford


Rejected Instagram Filter Ideas: "Standard Definition TV, Paused." (I forgot to add time to the recording of last night's game, so my DVR didn't capture the final 5 minutes. The next two photos are from Fox Sports Pacific's replay (in standard definition). You'll just have to trust me -- that's Trent Murphy bringing down Barkley on 2nd and 23 from the USC 41. #gostanford #artsy


Chase Thomas sets up 4th and 39 with a 6-yard sack of the Golden Boy. #gostanford

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