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2016 Stanford Recruiting: OL Dylan Powell Chooses Stanford

#CardClass16 gets their 5th O-line commit from the Missouri product

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few weeks ago, Dylan Powell had no Stanford offer. He had kept in contact with Coach Turner and Coach Bloomgren, but still nothing had surfaced until two weeks ago. On a Thursday night, Powell received the offer he had coveted and longed for. The next step in the process was to get to Palo Alto and visit the coaches and the campus. In the past few days Powell has gone to Blacksburg, Virginia (to visit Virginia Tech) and then flew all the way to California to check out Stanford. Finally, the moment arrived on Monday, as Powell announced his intent to play on the Farm for the next four years of his athletic career.

Stanford just picked up an offensive line recruit in Nate Herbig and Devery Hamilton, and now adding another is a huge win. The current offensive linemen in this 2016 class is 3-star Dylan Powell, three-star Nate Herbig, three-star Henry Hattis, four-star Clark Yarbrough, and four-star Devery Hamilton.  Stanford recruited well, bringing in four offensive linemen while losing three.

3-star Dylan Powell, is 6-3, which is a good height, and he has the frame to add on more muscle. Like most freshman need to do, Powell will need to put on another 20lbs to get upwards of 290lbs. That being said, he has proven himself to be powerful enough to knock defenders off the line. His leg torque drives defenders backwards which then allows him to get to the second level of defenders.

Powell's speed makes him vital in the run game. Stanford runs a lot of powers, sweeps, and counters which almost always requires a pulling guard. Powell's speed will allow him to come out in front and make blocks downfield.

Powell's commitment is just another one of many to come for Stanford. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on National Signing Day as well as recruiting news throughout the whole Stanford season.

Check out Powell's highlights courtesy of Hudl: