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Will Stanford Be Distracted in the Orange Bowl?

ESPN Pac-10 blogger Ted Miller isn't at the Orange Bowl, but he's more familiar with Stanford than most and weighed in with his prediction for the game. Miller likes the Cardinal to prevail, but suggests the Virginia Tech running game and the potential distraction created by the constant speculation about head coach Jim Harbaugh's future will keep things interesting.

"Further, we really don't know if all the 'We don't know where Harbaugh is going but he is going' talk has been a distraction. There's a lot of down time at bowl games. Players chat. You know that has been a hot topic, particularly with the young guys coming back in 2011."

It's a valid point, but I don't think focus will be an issue. As Shayne Skov said earlier this week, "We've invested too much to let something like that distract us." Tonight's game is about much more than Jim Harbaugh. Tomorrow morning, it's all about him. Enjoy the game, and go Stanford!