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Stanford Routs Virginia Tech in Orange Bowl

It's a beautiful day to be a Stanford Cardinal. The effects of a red-eye flight the night before and four quarters of cheering my face off from the upper deck of Sun Life Stadium, not to mention a solid seven hours of tailgating, left me in no condition to blog about Stanford's 40-12 domination of Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl last night. It was much more fun to relive the excitement of the Cardinal's first BCS win through the 380+ comments some of you contributed in the open thread. Thanks for showing up!

Before my head hit the pillow, I caught the highlights of the game on SportsCenter, which confirmed that the game I thought I had just witnessed actually happened, that Tyrod Taylor is really, really good, and that Andrew Luck is even better. I'm about to head to the airport, but I'll have much, much more on the Orange Bowl later today, including photos and videos from before, during, and after the game. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out Hank's instant reaction to last night's win at Go Mighty Card.

Go Cardinal!