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Soliciting Nickname Suggestions for Geoff Meinken

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Stanford backup fullback Geoff Meinken has five carries this year, but two of them are end-of-season-highlight-reel-worthy. (See the clip above of Meinken barreling over Colorado's Douglas Rippy and the stiff arm the 6-foot-4, 260-plus-pound junior busted out against Duke.) Shame on me for not mentioning the hit on Rippy in this week's Best and Worst.

Teammates have taken notice of Meinken's move or be moved running style, issuing him nicknames such as John Riggins and Larry Csonka. Jim Harbaugh reportedly took to calling Toby Gerhart Riggins, which puts Meinken in doubly impressive company.

"I don't know if he's starting those nicknames, but every time we hand the ball to him, something explosive happens," Stanford head coach David Shaw said.

Defensive end Ben Gardner says Meinken "brings 265 yards to the party," while Andrew Luck said Meinken's hit on Rippy was better than his own hit against USC's Shareece Wright. I think it's a tough call. Luck caught Wright seemingly unaware a few steps after he scooped up a fumble, while Meinken obliterated a guy who not only saw the fullback coming, but was intent on tackling him. I'm voting for the Luck hit, primarily for the ooh/cringe factor.

Have any clever nickname suggestions for Meinken? Let's hear them in the comments.