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Postgame Thread: We've Still Got the Axe! Stanford Defeats Cal, 31-28

Ryan Hewitt, Beast Mode.
Ryan Hewitt, Beast Mode.

The 114th Big Game was a little too close for comfort, but after everything else that happened on this wild and crazy college football weekend, Stanford should be elated with its 31-28 win over Cal.

Andrew Luck, who struggled in the first half, finished 20-for-30 for 257 yards and two touchdowns on a night that the Stanford rushing attack failed to find a rhythm. The Cal defense was stout, but a 7-minute drive in the fourth quarter, highlighted by a handful of clutch plays by fullback Ryan Hewitt, set up the Jordan Williamson 35-yard field goal that would prove to be the difference in the game. Memo to Jeff Tedford: We're not quite sure what you were thinking on that last touchdown drive, but thank you. 

We'll have much more on the win and start sorting out the BCS chaos tomorrow, but for now, revel in another Big Game victory in the comments. Go Stanford! We've got the Axe!