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Stanford Players Taken in the 2011 NFL Draft

Sione Fua - 3rd Round, No. 97, Carolina Panthers

Fua, the final pick of the third round, was the first Stanford player off the board. The Panthers took another defensive tackle, Miami's Terrell McClain, with the 65th pick. Both players should have the opportunity to make an impact right away.

Owen Marecic - 4th Round, No. 124, Cleveland Browns

Marecic should fit right in in Cleveland's West Coast offense, and his arrival could spell the end of Lawrence Vickers' five-year career with the Browns. Marecic's selection comes nearly 20 years after the Browns drafted Stanford fullback Tommy Vardell.

Richard Sherman - 5th Round, No. 154 - Seattle Seahawks

If you can't beat 'em, draft 'em. Pete Carroll, who watched Sherman make crucial plays in Stanford's wins against USC in 2007 and 2009, drafted the former Cardinal cornerback in the fifth round.

Ryan Whalen - 6th Round, No. 167, Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals used their first round pick to select Georgia's AJ Green and added even more depth to their receiving corps by taking Whalen in the sixth round. Cincy Jungle wonders where Whalen might fit in.