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Stanford Will Wear Nike Pro Combat Uniforms for Notre Dame Game

Stanford is one of nine teams that will sport Nike Pro Combat System of Dress uniforms during the 2011 college football season, Nike announced today. The Cardinal will wear the uniforms during its game against Notre Dame on November 27.

Images of the uniforms won't be released until next month, but they could look something like the uniforms that Oregon wore against Auburn in last season's BCS National Championship Game. Prepare for Andrew Luck to look even faster than usual, assuming he shaves his hobo beard by then. 

From Nike's official release:

"The fully integrated uniform system, which the University of Oregon debuted during the 2010 BCS National Championship Game, incorporates the latest in performance innovation and design from the world's most renowned athletic outfitter. The redesigned base layer facilitates the uniform's overall innovation, delivering the ultimate in lightweight protection for maximum speed. Strategically placed seams, pads and cooling zones also help minimize distraction and optimize protective coverage."

Redesigned base layer? Strategically placed seams? Minimized distraction? Notre Dame didn't have much of a chance against Stanford before this news broke, but now they'll be lucky to avoid a blowout of epic proportions.

The other teams that will wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms this year include Army, Boise State, Georgia, LSU, Michigan State, Navy, Ohio State, and Oregon.