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1947 Big Game Program: Cal Survives Stanford's Upset Bid


Stanford was 0-8. Cal was 8-1. And yet, it was the Indians who took an 18-14 lead in the fourth quarter before 85,000 fans at Stanford Stadium. With less than 3 minutes to play, Cal fullback Jackie Jensen took a pitch at his own 20-yard line. As Stanford defenders gave chase in the backfield, Jensen lofted a pass to Paul Keckley, who caught the ball and raced into the end zone for the game-winning score. The Bears won one of the greatest Big Games in history, 21-18.

Programming note (heh): To make up for the lack of Big Game program posts over the weekend, I'll be posting two programs a day over the next three days. A few inside pages from the 1947 edition after the jump...