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Stanford Football Autograph Session This Sunday (Compliance is Watching You)

Yep, still looks good (from timopfahl)

Like anything else, drumming up support for a persistently maligned sports team means opening up to the masses and incorporating them into the fabric of the community. While Stanford practices are typically closed (the reasoning behind that has been debated ad nauseum in multiple media outlets over the years), this Sunday, Stanford football is giving the Bay Area the opportunity to watch a scrimmage as well as get their favorite players' autographs. No word yet, though, on whether Andrew Luck will be joining in the festivities* of mingling with the kiddos, but I'm sure he'll make an appearance.

In addition to the scrimmage and autograph session, Stanford football will host several Skill Stations* for middle and elementary schoolers taught by Stanford coaches on Foster Field (the stadium field) as well as a mini-Fan Fest featuring the Orange Bowl trophy, posters, and concessions.

The schedule of events after the jump.

10AM-3PM: Select Your Seat at Stanford Stadium - Open house for potential season ticket holders (enter from Gate 1, next to the ticket office)
10AM-12PM: Open Practice/Scrimmage at Steuber Rugby Stadium, NOT the Practice Field by Maples (no cameras, videos, or cell phones)
12:30-1:45PM: Skills Stations and mini-Fan Fest
1:45PM-3PM: Autograph session* around concourse and field

Now, as you can see, I included Compliance in this post. The starred items* are the ones that Compliance will most definitely be watching like a hawk. Why? Well, for the Skill Stations, coaches aren't allowed contact with high schoolers, be they potential recruits or not, so ex nae on trying out for the coaches out there, Paly and Gunn students.

The autograph session? Well, I'll let @StanfordCS tell you why.

For more info on the festivities, check out GoStanford.