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ESPN Gets to Know David Shaw

ESPN's Page 2 asked each of the Pac-12's head football coaches a dozen mostly trivial questions and the answers are amusing to say the least. Here's a sampling of David Shaw's responses:

Not counting your school, which Pac-12 university has the most attractive cheerleaders?

"I wouldn't know. I'll try to look next year. I'll try to pay attention."

Editor's Note: Are we including the Dollies? Half of the conference's coaches demurred when posed this question. 

What's your favorite restaurant anywhere?

"St. Elmo's Steakhouse, Indianapolis. It's the only place I'll go medium. ... A medium steak at St. Elmo's is unmatched to me."

Editor's Note: Steve Sarkisian answered In-N-Out, causing my respect for him to grow.

What's your favorite place to vacation?

"Italy. I love the history. I love sculpture. I love walking through the various cities and seeing artwork by Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo da Vinci."

Editor's Note: Shaw was the only coach to name a place outside of the United States. Five coaches answered Hawaii.

Not counting yourself, who's the best dressed coach in the conference?

"Lane Kiffin. The rest of us coaches believe his wife does a nice job picking out the duds for him to wear."

Editor's Note: Kiffin and Arizona's Mike Stoops were the leading vote-getters. 

What coach has influenced you the most?

"Many. Denny Green ... Bill Walsh ... Brian Billick ... Jon Gruden ... Bill Callahan."

Editor's Note: Perhaps Shaw is more different from Jim Harbaugh than we thought. 

Cap or Visor?

"I've had a sunburn on top of my head before, and I won't let it happen again."

Editor's Note: Jeff Tedford gave the same answer. "I don't want to look like Lane Kiffin" would've been an equally appropriate response.