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Card Clicks: Andrew Luck Gamefilm Review

Avinash does his best Jaws impression, breaking down the gamefilm of Andrew Luck from the 2010 Big Game. Conclusion: Luck is pretty, pretty, pretty good. | Pacific Takes

Luck and Michael Thomas were named co-captains for the 2011 season. | GoStanford

Washington and Colorado square off in the finals of the Great Western Uniform Bracket. Voting begins Monday. | The Daily Axe

Hank chats with House of Sparky about Arizona State's new uniforms and best- and worst-case scenarios for the Sun Devils. | Go Mighty Card

Ed McCaffrey is No. 8 on the Silver Squad. | Go Mighty Card

Chris Owusu says he's back to 100 percent. | SF Chronicle

Here's a Q&A with Kristy Zurmuhlen of the Stanford women's soccer team, which plays at Maryland today. I'm guessing the Cardinal's game against Georgetown on Sunday will be washed out by Irene. | GoStanford