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Pouring Salt On the Wounds: Jeremy Green Suspended

One week after Stanford led all schools with Jack Trotter, Josh Owens, and Andrew Zimmerman named to the conference All-Academic team (First team, Second team, and Honorable Mention, respectively), we find out that someone didn't exactly do enough studying back during Dead Week in March. Jeremy Green, Stanford's leading scorer and one of the hopes for making Stanford basketball relevant next year, has been suspended by the school for "academic reasons" it was announced tonight, according to the AP.

Not the team. Not the weight room. But the school. For a quarter.

If Green had maintained an average cumulative 2.0 GPA, he would not be suspended. How I understand academic suspensions is that you're put on academic probation for the first quarter you're under 2.0. You're suspended the second quarter thereafter, which means that in order to be eligible for NCAA play last quarter and be suspended for Spring quarter, Green played for the team during the winter with somewhere between a 1.8 and 2.0. Yeah.

This is the second time in four years that a basketball player has been suspended for academic reasons. You may remember Brook Lopez was suspended by Trent Johnson back in 2007 for academic reasons for the non-conference schedule (fall quarter) before being reinstated. Lopez, however, was not suspended by the school. This is also the second time that Green has been in significant trouble while a member of the team. In fall 2009, Green was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, but no charges were filed and he was allowed to play.

The San Francisco Chronicle states that it is a possibility he may decide to declare for the NBA Draft in June, although the NBA won't release who is declaring until April 23rd. However, Stanford spokesman Brian Risso thinks that Green will come back in the summer to participate in the team's Spain training trip and expects to suit up next Fall.

Something tells me this man is not a happy camper right now.