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And That's A Wrap! Stanford Concludes 2010-2011 School Year

It's only fitting that the last athletic team Stanford still had playing finished their season less than 24 hours before University Commencement.  With Stanford's fall to UNC Saturday night, Stanford Baseball concluded their season, and so ended another school year for Stanford Athletics.

And what a year it's been.

From consecutive Championship Game Appearances for women's soccer to a Super Regional appearance for Softball.  From the fourth Final Four in a row for the women to reaching 100 national championships with men's gymnastics (and No. 101 with women's water polo).  From a summer of what-ifs to Orange Bowl champions, it certainly was an eventful year.

As we move forward through the summer, don't expect the blog to suddenly die until August.  First and foremost, the conference will be going though a major change in a little under 20 days, so expect a little word on that.  Also, I'll (FINALLY) get around to finishing the previews for the Pac-12 sports (you can see the volleyball one here).  And of course, Scott will be updating everyone on the latest about our little football team and various other athletics news.

Oh, and I may have a few other things planned from my end that I still have to talk to Scott about, so stay tuned.  The blog isn't going dark.  We have things to talk about, both in the retrospective and prospective.  It'll be fun, and of course all of you are more than welcome to speak up.  Create a fanpost or a fanshot and speak your mind.  That's what this place is for.

So with that, it's time to close the book on 2010-2011 and look forward to another great year at Stanford.

Go Cardinal!