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Card Clicks: Shaw Says BCS is Flawed


David Shaw says the BCS system is flawed. | SF Chronicle

"It's to the point that I had to say something." | SB Nation Bay Area

Does Stanford deserve to be ranked ahead of Oklahoma State in the BCS standings? | Lost Lettermen

Andrew Luck isn't planning to enroll in classes next quarter. | Yahoo!

Michael Rosenberg nominates Luck for SI Sportsman of the Year. | SI

Vote for Thomas Keiser as NFL Rookie of the Week. |

Help Luck win the Davey O'Brien Award. |

Stanford officials will "certainly consider" replacing Stanford Stadium's natural grass with artificial turf. | SF Chronicle

The Notre Dame defense is preparing for a QB it probably can't confuse. | AP

The Irish have been stout against the run this season. | CBS Sports

The Stanford men's basketball team plays Oklahoma State today in the semifinals of the Preseason NIT. | GoStanford