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Card Clicks: Stanford Boasts Clean NCAA Record

According to the NCAA, there are 17 schools that compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision that have never been found guilty of a major violation in any sport since the NCAA began tracking rule violations in 1953. Stanford is one of the four schools in that group from a major conference. | WSJ

The Cardinal received a commitment from Tennessee prep standout Graham Shuler, who was also considering Boston College, Clemson, Syracuse, and Mississippi State. Shuler is a 6-foot-5, 275-pound offensive lineman whose father, Rob, played tackle at Auburn. I don't think he's related to Heath. | CBS Sports

Hank profiles another 2012 recruit, Noor Davis. | Go Mighty Card

Ted Miller breaks down Stanford's running game and balanced offense. | Pac-12 Blog

Vote for the Female Athlete of the Year in Stanford's Fan Choice Awards. My vote: Ashley Hansen. | GoStanford

Interesting post from earlier this week about the profitability of college athletic programs during the 2009-10 season. Cal was more profitable than Stanford in football and less so in basketball. Wonder if those rankings flipped in '10-'11. | CGB