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What's Your Favorite Piece of Stanford Memorabilia?

I haven't lived at home for 5 years, so my mom is determined to turn my childhood room -- once a veritable shrine to Cal Ripken, Jr. -- into a guest room. (I'm lobbying for the 6-foot Cal cutout to maintain its spot in the corner.) I was going through things in my closet when I came across this gem, an eBay purchase circa 1998:


Look at that beauty. It's a low-res 8x10 photo of Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen signed by...Tim Young?! The item description on eBay indicated that the photo was signed by Madsen, but it was fairly obvious from the accompanying image that the signature across the front of Madsen's jersey wasn't his own. The "#55" confirmed that it was Young's. 

I brought this to the attention of the seller and he offered to send me the photo for free, without offering any sort of explanation for the mistake. I happily accepted. Is it actually Young's signature? I can't be sure. I just know it's not Madsen's.  

This is my strangest, if not favorite, piece of Stanford memorabilia. What's yours?