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Card Clicks: Oh, Those Crazy Big Games

Peyton Manning comparisons are welcomed.
Peyton Manning comparisons are welcomed.

The top 10 CRAZIEST Big Games. Ya think The Play made the cut? | Lost Lettermen

The enemy breaks down the Cardinal's prolific offense and sees a little Brett Favre in Andrew Luck. That's not a compliment. | CGB

CGB's moderators predict a defensive struggle in their Q&A with a fellow Stanford blogger. | Go Mighty Card

Yours truly defends Jim Harbaugh in the face of unsubstantiated rumors. | CGB

"We're trying to make this rivalry game a rivalry," Harbaugh says of Big Game, which Cal has owned in recent years. | Pac-10 Blog

Stanford prepares for Cal's rugged defense. | Palo Alto Daily News

Jon Wilner is rooting for a close, entertaining game. | College Hotline

Big Game by the numbers. | Stanford Daily

Coming tonight: Big Game analysis and a Stanford-Virginia men's basketball open thread.