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Card Clicks: Phil Simms Says Andrew Luck Hype Is Too Much

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Phil Simms opened his mouth about Andrew Luck and nonsense came out. | Shutdown Corner

Simms was saying something for the sake of saying it. (And it worked. He's suddenly relevant.) | Stanford Football Blog

Here's Exhibit A of Luck's arm strength. | Rule of Tree

David Shaw responds to Simms' criticism. | SF Chronicle

Here's an excellent breakdown of Luck dissecting the USC defense. | Pacific Takes

Hank chats with the guys at about Saturday's game. | Go Mighty Card

Building the Dam says to look out for freshman DE Scott Crichton. |The Daily Axe

Scott Ostler marvels at Luck's crunch-time cool. | SF Chronicle

The Cardinal is looking to start fast for a change on the road. | Stanford Football Blog

The case for bringing ice hockey to the Pac-12. | The Stanford Daily

The women's field hockey team blanked Appalachian State, 8-0, in its NorPac Championship opener. The Cardinal plays Davidson in the semifinals today. | GoStanford