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Card Clicks: All Eyes Are On the Farm for Stanford-Oregon


All eyes will be on the Farm on Saturday. | SF Chronicle

The showdown between the No. 3 Cardinal and No. 6 Ducks is the first ever at Stanford featuring a pair of top 10 teams. | Mercury News

The Stanford defense needs to come together to stop the Ducks. | Stanford Football Blog

If you like advanced stats with your football, you'll enjoy this. Football Outsiders says Stanford's efficiency on value drives will be the difference against Oregon. | Pac-12 Blog

Stanford's triple-OT win over USC has already been tagged as a Pac-12 Classic for the future Pac-12 Network. | College Hotline

In what could be a bit of gamesmanship, Steve Sarkisian says he'd take Matt Barkley before Andrew Luck. The Huskies play the Trojans this week. | LA Times

Stanford continues to study the effect of hits to the head with high-tech mouthpieces. | Contra Costa Times

The top-ranked women's soccer team will host Montana in a first round NCAA tournament game on Friday. | The Stanford Daily