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Stanford vs. Oregon: Hype Builds for HUGE Game

Here's my early prediction (for recreational purposes only) for the Stanford-Oregon game: It will likely feature touchdowns, making it about a billion times more exciting than last week's Game of the Century. 

Saturday's Pac-12 North tilt between the No. 3 Cardinal and No. 6 Ducks may not warrant the Game of the Century billing -- at this rate, there may be enough Games of the 21st Century by 2050 to compile a top 10 list -- but at least one media outlet is calling it the biggest home game in Stanford football history. That's quite a statement and a difficult one to argue. I think most of us would at least agree that it's the biggest Stanford football game, home or away, in the last 40 years.

Earlier today, Anonymous IV at Mono Lake proclaimed that, sportswise, "this will be the biggest day of my life." And maybe you received the Stanford Alumni e-mail this afternoon. Subject line: This game isn't Big. It's HUGE.

As the hype continues to build -- is it really only Tuesday? -- I thought I'd take stock of how everyone else is feeling. Are you FREAKING OUT and having trouble concentrating at work, or is this just another week with the promise of an exciting Stanford football game to watch come Saturday? I'm closer to the freaking out end of the spectrum, more excited than nervous, but more nervous for a game than I've been in quite some time.  

In case you missed it: